George Armelagos

Professional Service

American Association for the Advancement of Science , Member 1964 -present; elected Fellow 1987, Nominations Committee, Section H, 1986-89. Delegate to the Council, Section H. (elected) 1992- 95; elected, Chair-elect, Anthropology Section (Section H), 1996; Chair, Anthropology Section (Section H), 1997, Retiring Chair, Anthropology Section (Section H), 1998

American Association of Physical Anthropologists , Member 1963 -present; Vice-President, 1982-84; Program Chairman, Annual Meetings 1982-84; Local Arrangements Chairman, 1974; Executive Committee (Membership Chairman) 1979; Student Paper Award Committee 1977; Chairman, Membership Committee 1972-73; Ad Hoc Committee for the Reburial Issue 1984-86; Chair, Committee on Changing Format for Scientific Session of the American Association of Physical Anthropology, 1984; Ad Hoc Committee on the Relation of the American Association of Physical Anthropology with the American Anthropological Association, Appointed by the President of AAPA; elected President, 1987-1989.

American Anthropological Association , Member 1963- ; Fellow, 1971; Associate Program Editor, Annual Meetings, Houston 1977, Los Angeles 1978; Executive Board 1983-87; Board of Directors 1983-88; Chairman of Biological Unit 1984-87; Committee for Selection of the American Anthropological Association's Distin­guished Service Award 1984-87; Representative to Section H, American Association for the Advancement of Science 1985-89; Chairman, Committee on Anthropology and the Government 1985-86; member, Committee on External Relations, 1986; nominee, Presi­dent Elect, 1987. General Anthropology Section, Distinguished Lecture, 1994. Appointed Long Range Planning Committee, 1999. Biological Anthropology Section, Distinguished Lecture, 2004.

Lecture, 2004 (Presented 2005)

Society for the Study of Human Biology , Elected, May 1965-1976.

New York Academy of Science , 1967-Present

Current Anthropology , Associate. 1970-present

Human Biology Council , 1978-present; Nominations Committee 1978.

Paleopathology Association , 1980-Present

Sigma Xi , Elected 1963; Elected 2nd Vice-President, University of Massachusetts Chapter 1982; Elected 1st Vice-President, University of Massachusetts Chapter 1983; Elected President, University of Massachusetts Chapter 1984; Past President (Executive Board member), University of Massachusetts Chapter 1985.

Northeast Anthropological Association , President-elect, 1986; President, 1987-1988.

Society for Medical Anthropology , 1980-present; elected Executive Bd., 1986-1989.

Massachusetts Society of Professors , elected Executive Board, 1987.

Council on Nutritional Anthropology , 1980-present; Nominee, President 1982.

Southern Anthropology Society , Program Chair, 1994, 2004

Professional Activity

Research in Prehistoric Archaeology in the Aswan Dam Area, Villa Servelloni, Bellagio (Como), Italy, July 24‑28, 1964.

Attended Wenner‑Gren Symposium, The Origin of Man, Chicago, January, 1964.

Participant, Symposium on Human Paleopathology.  National Academy of Science,  Washington, D. C., January, 1965.

Participant, Pathobiology Conference.  Sponsored by the University of Colorado, Aspen, August 1965.

Invited Participant, Population Biology of Early Egyptians.  Sponsored by the  University of Turin and the British Museum (Natural History).  Castle Montaldo, Turin, Italy, April 16‑18, 1969.

Faculty Advisor for the Northeast Undergraduate Conference on Bioethics,  Amherst, Massachusetts, April 9‑11, 1976.

American Anthropological Association Visiting Scientist  Program, 1976.

Consultant, Special Study Section, Anthropology, National Institutes of Health, 1977.

Advisory Committee for Behavioral and Neural Sciences, Panel, National Science Foundation, 1976‑79.

Invited Participant, National Academy of Science‑National Research Council, Food and Nutrition Board's Committee on International Nutrition.  Workshop on  Functional Definition of Nutritional Status, Washington, D.C., July 18‑21,   1977.

Participant, Third International Meroitic Conference, Toronto, Canada, November 1977.   

Alternatives for America Conference.  Sponsored by Atlanta 2000 Environmental  Protection Agency and Threshold, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, November 16‑19, 1977.

Invited Participant.  George H. Hudson Symposium on Biosocial Mechanisms in Population Regulation, Plattsburgh, New York, April 15‑17, 1978.

Invited Participant.  Origin and Early Development of Food Producing Cultures in Northeastern Africa.  Polish Academy of Science, Poznan, Poland, 1980.

Advisory Council, Little Salt Spring Research Foundation, North Point, Florida, 1980.

Invited Participant, Seminar on the Anthropology and Archaeology of Death,   University of London, England, June 1980.

Consultant for Anthropological Concepts of Human Diversity in Secondary Social  Studies Curricula Conference.  NSF sponsored.  Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee, June 3‑4, 1980.

Director, Save Our Senior Committee, New York City, 1980.

Seated ‑ Curriculum Committee.  Committee on Nutritional Anthropology, 1981. 

Student Award Committee, W. H. Rivers Prize, Society for Medical Anthropologists. 

Interport Lecturer.  Semester at Sea (University of Pittsburgh), Cadiz, Spain to Athens, Greece.

Participant, Wenner‑Gren Foundation International Symposium on Food Preferences and Aversions (M. Harris and E. Ross, organizers).  Cedar Key, Florida, October 23‑30, 1984.

Co‑chaired Workshop.  Infectious Diseases of the Skeleton.  Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Paleopathology Association, April 14, 1984.

Member, Visiting Committee on Human Origins.  Stanford University.  November 1986.

Consultant, Florida State University, Windover Archaeological Project,1987.

Consultant, Dade County Historic Preservation Division, Cutler Fossil Site.

Consultant, History of the Future. Five part television series. INCA Corp.

Consultant, Feast of the Gods. Television series. WRTV. Michigan State University.

Organized the Medical Anthropology Roundtables Luncheon. 87th Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. November 18, 1988. Phoenix.

Organized the Medical Anthropology Roundtables Wine and Cheese. 87th Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. November 17, 1988. Phoenix.

Member. The J. T. Staley Prize selection committee. School of American Research. January 21, 1990. March 15, 2006 Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Organizing Committee. Sixth International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies. University of Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska. May 27- June 1.

Organization Committee. The Etruscans: Skeletal Biology and Their Way of Life. Institute for the Study of Man. University of Florence. Meeting held at the Sant'Agostino Cultural Center, Cortona, Italy 

Session Organizer and Chairman:  Past and Present Health and Nutrition Patterns. Sixth International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies. University of Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska. May 27- June 1.

Southern Anthropological Association. Co-Chair, Local Arrangements Committee. St. Augustine Florida. April 1992

Selection Committee. Annual Metting of American Association of Physical Anthropology. Las Vegas, 1992. Toronto, 1993.

Member of the International Scientific Committee of the 3rd Colloquio Europeo di Etnofarmacologia and the 1st Conferenza Internazionale di Antropolgia e Storia della Salute e delle Malattie. Genova, Italy, 1996.

Evaluation Committee. Department of Anthropology, Stanford University, 1997.

Evaluation Committee. Department of Anthropology, Brooklyn College. 1997.

School Of American Research Resident Scholars Selection Committee.  Santa Fe. January 25-30, 1998
The Future of Anthropology. Santa Fe. School Of American Research.  January 26th, 1998
Local Arrangements. Southern Anthropology Society Annual Meetings. Decatur, Georgia.  March 18 -20, 2004


Undergraduate Equipment and Material.  Grant made to the Utah Planning Board from the Office of Education (Department of Health, Education and Welfare).  $10,302 (Matching $5,156), August 1966.

Preliminary Study of Prehistoric Bone Growth and Development.  National Institute of Health, Public Health Service, February 1967 to January 31, 1968,  $33,000.

The Reconstruction of Prehistoric Great Basin Food Utilization from Coprolite  Analysis, $9,000.  National Science Foundation.  Co‑principal Investigator with Kimball T. Harper, Department of Botany, University of Utah, 1968.

Immunological Study of Bone, $1,012.  University of Utah Biomedical Research   Grant, 1968.

Faculty Growth Grant.  University of Massachusetts, Summer 1970.

Pathology of Dickson Mounds Skeletons, $513.  University of Massachusetts   Biomedical Research Grant, 1970‑1971.

Stylistic and Demographic Analysis of a New England Cemetery, $450.  Faculty   Research Grant, University of Massachusetts, 1971‑1972.

Cranial Variation in Nubia.  Faculty sponsor for David Carlson, $2,000.  Wenner‑Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, 1973.

Stable Isotopes and Nutrition in Human Adaptation.  Submitted to National Institute of Health, $168,043.  Approved but not funded.  1979.

Carbon Isotope Composition of Skeletal Material and Paleonutrition Implications   of a Prehistoric Indian Group, $2,929.  NIH Biomedical Grant RR07048‑14, 1979.

The Morphology and Pathology of Vertebrae from the Dickson Mounds Archaeological Populations, $1,700.  NIH Biomedical Grant RR07048‑14, 1979.

Equipment for Improvement of Teaching of Human Adaptability and Evolution.  University of Massachusetts Equipment Grant, $1,991.  1980.

13C Composition, Paleonutrition and Human Adaptation.  National Science   Foundation.  BNS 8016652.  Faculty sponsor for M. Pamela Bumsted.  $10,000.  1980.
Environmental and Behavioral Determinants of Postcranial Variability in European Upper Pleistocene Hominids.  Faculty sponsor for Kenneth H. Jacobs.  National Science Foundation.  BNS 8016652.  $5,000.  1980‑1981.

Agricultural Energy Flow in a Seasonal Arid Environment.  Wenner‑Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research.  Faculty sponsor for Rebecca Huss‑Ashmore.  $3,873.  1980.

The Effects of Nutrition on Premature Osteoporosis in a Prehistoric Population  from Sudanese Nubia, $4,794. NIH Biomedical Grant, RR07048‑17.  1983.

Ecology and Development in the Caribbean.  National Wildlife Federation. Faculty   sponsor for Barbara Johnston.  $2,000.  1983.

Disease in Populations in Transition.  International Wenner‑Gren Symposium (with   Swedlund).  Rancho Encantada, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  October 1985.

Ethnocultural Influences on Chronic Pain Reception and Disease.  National   Science Foundation, BNS 8765615.  Principal investigator, faculty sponsor for  Maryann Bates.  $14,663.  1987.

Minority Graduate Education Fellowship. For Mark Mack. Smithsonian Institution. $6000.00. 1990, 1991, 1992.

National Science Foundation. Dissertation Award to Kearsley A. Stewart. Socio-economic Determinants  of Adolescent pregnancy in Uganda. SBR-9632207. $12,111. 

Wenner-Gren Foundation. Award to Kearsley A. Stewart. Socio-economic Determinants of Adolescent pregnancy in Uganda. $10,656


B.A. with Honors in Anthropology, University of Michigan, 1958
Graduate Scholarship, University of Colorado, 1961‑1962, 1962‑1963, summer 1964, 1964‑1965
Sigma Xi, Associate Member, May 1963; Member, May 1965. 
Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Massachusetts, 1973
Terrel Phenice Memorial Lecture, 1978, Michigan State University
Chancellor's Lecture, University of Massachusetts, 1980
Chancellor's Medallist, 1980
Distinguish Lecture, General Anthropology Division, American Anthropological Association. 1994
George Cuttino Award for Mentoring, Emory University. 2002
Distinguished Lecture, Biological Anthropology Unit, American Anthropological Association, 2005
Viking Fund Medalist, Wenner Gren Foundation, 2005
William Mulloy Lecture, University of Wyoming, 2006

Editorial Boards

Editorial Board, Reviews in Anthropology, 1980‑1986.
Editorial Board, Medical Anthropology, 1980‑2000
Editorial Board, Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology and Physical Anthropology, 1980‑1982.
Editorial Board, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 1986‑1990.
Associate Editor for Physical Anthropology, Current Anthropology, 1987‑1988.
Associate Editor, Evolutionary Anthropology, 1996-present
Editorial Board, SAR Press, 2007-

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