Upcoming Events

Monday, February 1
Anthropology Colloquium
Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy
Mel Konner with commenters Michael Peletz, Carol Worthman
4:00 pm, ANT 206

Friday, February 5
Teaching Roundtable
Building Succesful Mentoring Relationships in Anthropology
David Nugent and Dietrich Stout
2:30 pm, ANT 206

Monday, February 15
Anthropology Colloquium
Searching for the origins of our expanding in-group
Dan Hruschka, Univ. of Arizona
(PhD Emory Anthropology, 2006)
4:00 pm, ANT 206


Kendra Sirak coauthor of paper published in Nature

Jenny Chio appointed Co-Editor of Visual Anthropology Review

Mel Konner selected as a Senior Scholar for Center for Humans and Nature

Mel Konner will contribute to regular "Mind and Matter" column in WSJ

Carol Worthman quoted in Science News coverage of new sleep study

Mel Konner on interdisciplinary team exploring Yiddish children's literature

New York Times highlights Paul Hooper's study on Tsimane and Jenu Kuruba