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Departmental Awards

Each year, the Anthropology Department recognizes our exceptional students by granting several departmental awards.

Anthropology Outstanding Senior Award

For an Anthropology senior who has shown significant achievement in their undergraduate career, both academically as well as through extraordinary engagement and/or service relevant to their study in Anthropology.

Anthropology Outstanding Junior Award

For an Anthropology junior who shows great promise at this stage in their undergraduate career, both academically as well as through extraordinary engagement and/or service relevant to their study in Anthropology.

Marjorie Shostak Award for Excellence and Humanity in Ethnography

In 1998 The Department of Anthropology announced the establishment of the "Marjorie Shostak Award" to be awarded each year to an Emory student whose work reflects original ethnographic research on some aspect of human life experience.

The prize commemorates the life and work of Marjorie Shostak, author of Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman (Cambridge Mass., Harvard University Press, 1981, republished 2000) and the sequel Return to Nisa (Harvard, 2000). These works were highly praised for the immediacy of the writing, the personal character of the ethnographic encounters, and the complete absence of jargon, without any sacrifice of anthropological accuracy or validity.

The presence of the ethnographer as an individual in these books gave the reader an opportunity to take her perspectives and biases into account in evaluating the descriptions and interviews. In addition, Shostak's photographs were an important part of the presentation.

The award is accordingly bestowed on papers, theses, and multimedia works that take a direct, personal approach to ethnography, without sacrificing validity or analysis, in keeping with the spirit of Shostak's work.

In the best submissions, human beings will come alive on the page and/or in other media, giving the reader a strong experience of the people's humanity and the culture they belong to. The ethnographer will also attempt to analyze or interpret the experience, but with a minimum of jargon.

The prize, established by Shostak's family, entails a financial gift and will be awarded to the authors of the winning undergraduate and graduate ethnographies, provided that there are submissions that meet the standards set by Shostak's work. Each award may be shared in some years and absent in others.

The George Armelagos Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student

This annual award is to recognize graduate students in Anthropology who have demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching during their time at Emory. One goal of our graduate program is to develop the teaching skills of all doctoral students. This award is given based on a student's record in teaching and contributions to the undergraduate program over the entire span of their career at Emory.

The award is funded through an endowment set up by the late Professor George Armelagos – a distinguished scholar, teacher, and mentor. It was his desire that the department recognizes graduate students who are exceptional teachers, and that this recognition might help them on the job market.

Previous Award Recipients

Outstanding Senior Award: Isabella Cantor and Katherine Morgan

Outstanding Junior Award: William Johnson

Marjorie Shostak Prize, Undergraduate: Isabella Cantor and Phoebe Einzig-Roth

George Armelgos Award: Luisa Rivera and Elena Lesley

Outstanding Senior Award: Isabel Slingerland

Outstanding Junior Award: Evan Amaral and Rebecca Rusnak

Marjorie Shostak Prize, Undergraduate: Claire Biffl and Emma Hanlon

Marjorie Shostak Prize, Graduate: Shreyas Sreenath

George Armelgos Award: Sara Kauko and Shreyas Sreenath

Outstanding Senior Award: Sierra Stubbs

Outstanding Junior Award: Hannah Katz

Marjorie Shostak Prize, Undergraduate: Grace Jarrett

Marjorie Shostak Prize, Graduate: Adeem Suhail

George Armelgos Award: Andrea Rissing and Christina Rogers

Outstanding Senior Award: Diana Cagliero

Outstanding Junior Award: Aditi Majoe and Klamath Henry

Trevor E. Stokol Award: Rebecca Lebeaux

Marjorie Shostak Prize, Undergraduate: Amelia Howell

Marjorie Shostak Prize, Graduate: Bisan Salhi and Sydney Silverstein

George Armelgos Award: Ioulia Fenton and Bisan Salhi