PhD Program in Anthropology

In the interest of properly supporting our current graduate students who have suffered research-related setbacks due to Covid, the Department of Anthropology has decided that we will NOT be admitting graduate students or accepting applications for our graduate program this year. We encourage all interested students to apply next year.

Anthropology, by its very nature, is an interdisciplinary enterprise and is sought out by many other disciplines for cross-fertilization of ideas. Ranked in the top 10 of U.S. anthropology departments by the National Research Council, the graduate program in Anthropology foregrounds cultural and biological anthropology, placing special emphasis on cultivating dialogues and combinations of people, interests, and ideas that cross, connect, and transcend the field’s received sub-disciplines.

boat-yellowThe doctoral program balances rigorous courses with a tutorial approach to advanced subjects and is designed to be intense and demanding for both students and faculty. We encourage a diversity of doctoral research agendas across the entire range of cultural and biological anthropology. We believe that the successful anthropologists of the future are created not through a monolithic theoretical orientation but through exposure to alternative explanatory paradigms. As a whole, our program provides students with a grounding in cultural and biological anthropology that is sophisticated and unique. Specialization within cultural or biological sub-fields is encouraged, as are combinations and creative dialogues between them.

Program brochure

Dr. Dietrich Stout
Director of Graduate Studies

Kay Norgard
Graduate Program Coordinator