GRE Scores

Please note that no student may be considered for admission to the Anthropology program unless an official GRE score is part of the application. If you have received a master's degree or other advanced degree, you still must submit GRE scores. GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT scores do not substitute for GRE scores.

The official report of your GRE scores should be sent by ETS to the Emory Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Emory's institution code for the GRE is 5187. Please make sure your scores arrive by the application deadline of December 1.

Our program has no absolute standard or minimum for GRE scores, since we consider all parts of the application as a unique constellation. However, low GRE scores often have a negative impact on an application unless complemented by other factors, such as high grades, exceptional letters of recommendation, or special personal background. Students who have trouble with standardized tests are urged to study for the GRE in advance and take the test early enough to ensure the possibility of retaking the exam.

You will be asked to enter your GRE scores in the online application. With these unofficial scores, the program may complete a preliminary review before official scores are available.

GRE scores more than five years old will not be accepted.