Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required. Letters from faculty members familiar with your potential for graduate study carry the greatest weight. It is important for you to contact recommenders with enough lead time so that they will be able to submit letters by the December 1 application deadline. We strongly suggest that recommenders submit their recommendations through the online application system. Letters submitted online are received as soon as they are submitted, and the applicant can track the progress of submissions in the system.

In cases where online submissions are not possible, we do accept mailed letters of recommendations. The recommender should include the Student Recommendation Form, which can also be found on the School of Graduate Studies Admissions website. You may wish to provide the recommender with an easy means of confirmation so you know that the reference has been sent.

Paper recommendation and form should be sent to:

Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Anthropology
1557 Dickey Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322

We highly recommend that you discuss your specific application plans, personal statement, and your larger goals with your recommenders.

For applicants who have been absent from college or university life for a period of time, it is generally important to have at least one or two strong references from a university faculty member in anthropology or a relevant related field. References from employers or professional colleagues can be important but need to be supplemented by academic recommendations.