Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose is central to the application. The statement should be limited to two or three single-spaced pages. You should clearly articulate your intended research interests. If your research plans are not yet entirely specific, you should clarify the range of issues in anthropology that you are most interested in pursuing and sketch out plausible contexts for studying them. It is best to avoid extended statements about personal history, except as relevant to your research plan. Overall, your statement should reflect intellectual sophistication, good writing, and a sense of important research direction within some area of cultural, medical, or biological anthropology.

Any of the following strengthen the personal statement:

  1. The intellectual or practical importance of your area of interest
  2. The names of specific faculty with whom you may want to work
  3. An indication of your awareness of the current literature on your field of interest (use citations selectively)
  4. If appropriate, mention of a specific world area or ethnographic sphere relevant to your research interests
  5. Your relevant prior experiences, courses, research training, or publications
  6. Compatibility of your interests with the Emory Anthropology program/faculty research area(s)