Financial Aid for Graduate Students

The Department of Anthropology funds all its graduate students and keeps its class size small to maximize financial support and faculty responsiveness to the needs of each student. The graduate class averages six students per year. Anthropology Graduate Fellowships cover tuition costs and afford an additional 12-month living stipend of at least $31,000/year for five years, pending satisfactory progress.

The department may also nominate candidates for Emory Woodruff Fellowships and Diversity Graduate Fellowships. Advanced graduate students may be nominated for a sixth year Dean's Teaching Fellowship.

The Anthropology Graduate program, in conjunction with the Laney Graduate School, provides Professional Development Support (PDS) funding for the following:

  • $2,500 per student to fund a pilot research project in a prospective field area following the student's first or second year of course work;
  • $2,500 per student for supplementary language or laboratory training;
  • $2,500 for travel to present paper(s) at professional meetings.

Student Loans

For information about student loans, please refer to the Office of Financial Aid web site.


Students are required to have health insurance either as a student health plan or from an outside vendor. The students must be able to provide proof of insurance. Students may contact the Emory Student Health Service web site. The Laney Graduate School currently provides admitted students with a subsidy to cover 100% of the Emory Student Health Insurance Plan fees.


Students are responsible for the activity, athletic, computer and mental health fees for each semester in which they are enrolled. Since students receive a 12-month living stipend, they must be enrolled in the program for the fall, spring and summer semesters. Students are typically enrolled in residency credit during the summer.