Degree Application

Master's Degree

The Master’s degree in Anthropology is an interim degree and is earned on the basis of candidacy, which occurs with the satisfactory completion of the candidacy requirements at the end of the third year. The MA degree will not be awarded retroactively after a student has completed the doctoral program.

Students should allow time for application to be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the student’s Advisor and Committee. Students must fill out and submit a signed Report of Completion of Requirements for Master's Degree as well as Degree Application form and a set of unofficial transcripts. Forms are available online.

A copy of the completed application package with the advisor and Director of Graduate Studies signatures of approval should be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator. Applications and deadline dates can be obtained on the Graduate School website.

Doctoral Candidacy

For Students entering prior to Fall 2017, please see the Anthropology Handbook 2016-17. For all other students, the following applies:

Students must file an application for candidacy with the Laney Graduate School. This certifies that all requirements for the PhD, except for the dissertation and its defense, have been completed. Ordinarily, this application is submitted at end of the third year following the completion of qualifying exams and proposal presentation Students who have not been admitted to doctoral candidacy by September 15 of their fourth year in the program no longer qualify for tuition scholarships, and are responsible for the full cost of the tuition and other academic fees (except the enrollment fee).The application form is available on the LGS website; it should be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator for department approval and submission to the Graduate School.

To be eligible to apply for doctoral candidacy, students must have successfully completed the following:

  • Required coursework;
  • Doctoral candidacy qualifying examinations;
  • Presentation of dissertation research proposal;
  • Methodology requirements;
  • LGS TATTO and JPE requirements (TATT 600, TATT 605, and JPE 600);
  • All course incompletes resolved.

 To be eligible for candidacy, students must have earned at least 54 credit hours at the 500 level or above.

Students apply by submitting an Application for Candidacy form to the Graduate School. Students should allow time for application to be approved by Director of Graduate Studies and Advisor. Application to Candidacy forms can be found in the Graduate School Handbook, or by visiting the website:  

Doctoral Degree

Students must be registered in the semester in which they receive their degree.

Students must make a formal application for a degree to be awarded in a particular semester (Spring, Summer, or Fall). The Graduate School office provides an application packet with all information and forms needed for the degree application process online. Students should return all forms to the Graduate School by the deadline. The deadline usually falls near the beginning of the semester (deadlines can be found on the Graduate School’s website, degree completion page).

Students are responsible for ensuring deadlines are met. Applications for degree received after the deadlines are subject to a processing fee. Applications for degree are valid only for the semester in which they are filed.

Students must complete Report of Completion of Requirements for Doctoral Degree, which certifies that they have met all requirements for the degree; it must be submitted to the Graduate School before or with the dissertation. These forms are online. Deadlines for receipt of this form in the Graduate School office are in the academic calendar. Candidates should resolve all “incomplete” grades, administrative F’s, and “in progress” grades by the time that the clearance form has been submitted. If this has not been done, these grades will remain on the transcripts as F’s.

Dissertations are filed electronically with the Graduate School and the Library and are available through an on-line repository pending release from the student. Full information of this process is outlined in this PDF. Students need only to submit one printed copy of their dissertation to the Anthropology department for the departmental library. Upon request, the program will provide 24lb acid-free paper to print this copy.

Dissertation committee members may request individual copies of the dissertation. The students are responsible to provide these copies at their own cost.