Before departing for doctoral fieldwork or beginning the systematic collection of dissertation data in laboratory or other locations, students must complete the Graduate Fieldwork Checklist and submit the Fieldwork Information Packet to the Graduate Coordinator. Both are located in the FORMS section of the handbook.

Students should make special arrangements to insure annual renewal of their Human Subjects Research or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Approval with the while in the field. Students should communicate with the Graduate Coordinator via email to confirm registration each semester if the student will be receiving funding from the University or a granting agency while in the field.

  • Students are expected to stay in regular contact with their doctoral committee and especially with their doctoral advisor during the period of fieldwork and dissertation write-up.
  • The advisor should be informed of the schedule of fieldwork and write-up, including regular communication concerning progress and any changes of plan as they emerge.
  • A field report should be submitted to the advisor and committee at the end of each semester spent in the field. In spring semester, the report should also be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator as part of the Annual Academic Progress and Activities Report.
  • Changes of location and contact information as well as new address and phone number upon returning to the U.S. should be communicated to the Graduate Coordinator.
  • The schedule for stipend during post-fieldwork write-up and associated residence plans should be clearly established and communicated while the fieldwork is drawing to a close.
A written request to initiate post-field funding must be received by the Graduate Coordinator at least 30 days prior to the semester for which funding is expected to begin.