Department Facilities and Administrative Services

Graduate Student Workroom

Room 115 in the Anthropology Building is public space for graduate student use. It is not private office space.

Please be considerate of your colleagues by keeping clutter to a minimum, returning dishes to the kitchen, keeping the refrigerator and microwave clean, and placing trash and recycling (especially paper) in the appropriate receptacles.

Between semesters, after the last class, the room is cleaned. Please remove personal items or place them in cubbies so that facilities staff can easily perform their duties.

Building Access

The Anthropology Building is open from 6:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday (hours subject to change). Access to the Anthropology Building is available after hours with an Emory ID Card. Contact the Academic Department Administrator to request activation.

Keys for the Graduate/TA Workroom, 115 Anthropology, are available from the Graduate Coordinator. Reissue for lost keys is $25. Students are required to return keys before leaving for the field and upon graduation.

Kitchen Rules

The department kitchen is in room 204. Please treat this common area with common courtesy.

You are welcome to coffee, tea, and water as provided there.

As part of our sustainabliity effort, we no longer provide paper/plastic cups. There are coffee cups available for use, but you are responsible for returning them to the kitchen and washing them in a timely manner.

Items in the refrigerator are not for public consumption. If you place food there, be sure to label it with your name and the date, as the refrigerator is cleaned regularly.

A dual bin recycling system is located here. This includes a Compost bin and a single stream recycling bin. Everything is recyclable or compostable except styrofoam. White and mixed paper recycling is available in thehallway, a white paper bin is also located in the copy room (205).


Computer Use

Computers for Graduate students use are located in the Graduate/TA Workroom, 115 Anthropology. Students are requested to limit access time to two hours.

  • No data or text files should be saved on individual computer hard drives.
  • There should be no tampering, reconfiguring, etc. with the hard drive or system configuration.
  • Personal software is incompatible to the network and should not be loaded onto the networked computers under any circumstances.

The computer lab at Cox Hall is open 24 hours for student use. The Learning Commons at Emory University’s Woodruff Library also has a computer lab with advanced imaging and scanning software and hardware.


A copier is located in the Graduate/TA Workroom, 115 Anthropology. Students receive a copy code to make copies on this machine. This copier serves as the network printer for the TA Room computer workstations, and can also be used to scan documents in PDF, JPEG or TIFF electronic formats. The copier’s printer and scanner functions are free of charge.

Any problems with the copier, including low supplies of toner and paper, should be reported to the Graduate Coordinator.

Copy Request Forms, available in the office, can be filled out to request assistance from the department's student worker by TAs preparing course materials.

Phone/Fax Policies

Graduate students may not use department phones or FAX for long distance purposes. For faxes or mailings to faculty who are on leave, requests can be made through the Graduate Coordinator.

Postage/Office Supplies

The department does not supply postage or supplies for student mailings. For supplies related to TA responsibilities, please see the Graduate Coordinator.