Handbook - Funding

The Laney Graduate School funds all of its graduate students and keeps the class sizes small to maximize financial support and faculty responsiveness to the needs of each student. Standard Graduate Fellowships cover tuition costs, health insurance, and afford an additional 12-month living stipend.

During the admissions process, the Anthropology department may also nominate candidates for the Emory Woodruff Fellowships and Diversity Graduate Fellowships. No additional application need be made for these fellowships.

Advanced graduate students may be nominated for a Dean's Teaching Fellowship or other advanced fellowships.

The Laney Graduate School also provides Professional Development Support (PDS) funding for the following:

  • $2,500 per student for RESEARCH, typically used to fund a pilot research project in a prospective field area following the student's first or second year of course work;
  • $2,500 per student for TRAINING, whether language, laboratory, or other training;
  • $2,500 for CONFERENCE travel to present paper(s) at professional meetings.

Beyond these three categories of funding, which students receive without competition, students may also apply for competitive PDS funding for additional training or research needed for successful completion of the PhD. For more information about the PDS process and application, visit the Laney Graduate School website.

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