2012-13 Student News

Anthropology's Newest Ph.D.

Matthew Dudgeon recently completed his dissertation "Birth After Death: Men and Reproduction in Two K'iche' Maya Communities." He graduated Monday, May 13th, as our latest Ph.D. in Anthropology. Congratulations, Dr. Dudgeon.

Anthropology Class of 2013

Congratulations Class of 2013! We are proud and happy as we see you leave us to do great things with what you have learned here.  Enjoy life! Find fulfillment in what you do! We will miss you.     Dr. Liv Nilsson Stutz

Congratulations to all of our 2013 Anthropology graduates – may you all go on to lives filled with joy and adventure! Keep in touch with us!    Dr. Sarah Gouzoules

Leah Rose Abrams*, Mary Julia Akel, Emily Ann Altman*, Gabriela Marie Alvarez*, Vats Trushad Ambai, Laura Amanda Baker*, Justin Bradley Beegle*, Avery Marie Berlin, Alvin J. Borum, Raven Yanee Bowie, Haley Elizabeth Bryant*, Elizabeth Grace Calderon, Xavier Chardé Carroll, Emily Annabel Chapman, Sahrish Nasir Charania, Jacob Warren Charny*, Yaa Boachiewaa Cheremateng, Danielle Chou, Tianjiano Chu, Warren Enrique Church, Julia Morgan Commander*, Allison Jacqueline Costello, Michal David, Domonique Marie Davis, Ruben Diaz, Emily Rose Deutsch*, Philip Robert Dollard, Bianca Brandy Eugene*, Aaron En-Kuang Fan*, Amanda Perpetua Fernandes*, Sarah Elizabeth Garcia*, Sareena A. Gillani, Leslie Elizabeth Hackler*, Eric Ross Hagle, Delphine Halpern-Cohen, Aerhealle Letriece Hampton, Matthew N. Hilgendorf, Mary Charles Hoover, Aaron Sherman Hopes*, Sarah Katlyn Howie*, Anna Isakov, Nathan Iyer, Shailee Jain, Scott Patrick Jarvis, Erica Frances Jordan*, Anjali Pooja Kakkar*, Hanna Kim, Sukwon Koh, Tesserae Ann Komarek, Karyn Korsah*, Kathryn Ann Kruse*, Shenila Badruddin Lallani*, Jessica Seung Hyun Lee*, Rebecca Greta Li, Kinsey Elise McMurtry, Gwyneth McKee Manser, Colby Alexander McWinn, Jelecia Marquette Miller, Erica Alana Morris, Hayley Kate Morton, Charisma Mylavarapu, Karlo Nero Maningo Nellas, Alexi Lauren New, Chinyere Sandra Nwamuo, Nina Chandrakant Patel, Paris Prakash Patel, Trisha Mukesh Patel*, Thomas Jay Pennington, Alexandra Jeannette Pill, William Jackson Prater, Elizabeth Ashley Pruett*, Anne Elizabeth Puluka*, Priscilla Quach*, Sameer Syed Quadri, Sapna Sunil Rajani, Alena Marie Ransom, Darby Taylor Rappuhn*, Runail Karim Ratnani, Caitlin Elizabeth Ryan, Manisha Saha, Perrinh Tritinass Savang*, Mitchell Harrison Schwartz, Sumathee Selvaraj*, Laurin Raymus Sephos*, Alison Shepherd, Jefferson Benjamin Sporn*, Patrick John Stahl*, Samantha Marie Swanson*, Erin Ashley Swearing, Jennifer Jihae Song, Rachel Anna Strumlauf, Keitra L. Thompson*, Brooke Genelle Thyng, Nicholas Anton Tigges, Sarah Elizabeth Towers*, Rebecca Sasha Wax, Margaret Ann Willcox, Rachel Lynne Willcoxon, Kedra Javita Woodard, Jordan Christina Wylie

*Members of Lambda Alpha Honor Society for Anthropology

Honors luncheon recognizes outstanding students

Five seniors completed the Honors Program in Anthropology to graduate with honors on May 13th. Emily Ann Altman (B.A. Anthropology), Julia Commander (B.S. Anthropology and Human Biology), Trisha Patel (B.S. Anthropology and Human Biology), Alexandra Pill (B.S. Anthropology and Human Biology), and Keitra Thompson (B.A. Anthropology) were feted at the Anthropology Undergraduate Awards Luncheon on April 29th.

Emily Altman, working with Dr. Carla Freeman, conducted research toward her thesis project "Childhood Nutrition in Chile: An Assessment of a National School Food Program" while studying abroad in Chile. She worked to identify the policy associated with Chile's national school food program, understand how it operates on a local level, and explore how government officials, private food providers, and schoolchildren function within and perceive the program in order to understand changing patterns of consumption and the implications they have for overall health. In completing her thesis, Emily discovered that moving from the classroom into the world provided a learning experience    that she would not have accomplished without the Honors Program option. After graduation she will work as a member of the Child Hunger Corps at the Santa Barbara County Foodbank, helping to develop, implement and evaluate child hunger programs, thus continuing to deal with the issues of health, food and nutrition that inspired her thesis. 

Julia Commander was named this year's Outstanding Senior. Her thesis "Ancient Central American Stone Metates in the Michael C. Carlos Museum: Aspects of Use," explored the differences between utilitarian and symbolic tool use and looked at object features such as stone type, morphology, use wear, and iconography. Julia's interest in stone artifacts developed out of a SIRE project on lithic technology with Dr. Dietrich Stout, and she chose to complete the Honors Program specifically because it allowed her the time and resources to pursue her own research. In nominating her for the departmental award, Dr. Stout described Julia, whom he has known since her freshman year, as "one of the brightest and perhaps the most independently motivated undergraduate with whom I have had the pleasure of working." She plans to pursue a career in art conservation and will be completing a summer internship in Washington, D.C.

Trisha Patel was the recipient of the 2013 Stokol award, presented annually to an Emory undergraduate student with the best senior research project that will include an honors thesis (given in honor of Trevor Stokol, an Emory anthropology undergraduate who was preparing to enter medical school when he went missing on Mt. Everest in July 2005). She worked with Dr. Melvin Konner to complete her thesis "Obesity in Hispanic Children: The Effect of Parent's Nutritional Knowledge," which documents her research project designed to test the hypothesis that, within Atlanta’s Hispanic population, parent’s lack of knowledge of healthy eating is related to his or her child being overweight or obese. Trisha pursued the Honors Program in Anthropology specifically because it gave her the unique opportunity to create a research project of her own and to investigate an area of study that she is passionate about: childhood health and nutrition. She will attend Emory Medical School next fall.

Alexandra Pill completed her thesis "Changing Food Landscapes: Understanding the Food Truck Movement in Atlanta, Georgia" under the direction of Dr. George Armelagos.  Her research involved interviews with vendors about motivations, challenges, ambitions and observations of the growing movement as well as an exploration of theoretically-driven questions regarding the nature of food trucks in the U.S. The project was an extension of previous research she conducted on street food vending policy in Hanoi, Vietnam, while studying abroad during the fall of 2011. This project is the first ethnographic study of Atlanta's food trucks and has the potential to serve as a basis for future studies. Alex views her work as the capstone project rounding out her academic experience at Emory. After graduation she will work as an Associate Consultant for Bain & Company, a management consulting firm.

Keitra Thompson was this year's recipient of the Marjorie Shostak Award in Anthropology, which is awarded for excellence in coursework, fieldwork, research, or other academic endeavor in the spirit of Marjorie Shostak’s classic Nisa:  The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman. Her thesis "It Just Ain't Like It Used to Be: The Relationship of Food, Culture, and Metabolic Disease in African American Senior Citizens of the South" explored the intersection of food and culture and how it relates to the prevalence of metabolic disease in African American senior citizens living in a low-income residential facility located in the Old Fourth Ward. Beginning in her junior year, she  worked with Dr. Peter Brown to devise and complete the thesis project based on her love for research and her goals for a career pursuing issues of human health and behavior, health beliefs, disease and food insecurity. She will attend John Hopkins School of Nursing in the BSN-MSN program. (College Honors Sampler)

The Anthropology Department is proud of the excellent research done by these graduating Honors students and wishes them all the best as they continue their endeavors.

First annual Graduate Photography ContestKang-Grand Prize

The contest generated a fantastic response with many wonderful photographs submitted for consideration. The Grand Prize was awarded to Dredge Kang for the image pictured here. In the category of Cultural Anthropology, the winners were:  first prize - JoAnn LoSavio; second prize - Jo Weaver; third prize - Isabella Alexander; and honorable mention - Sydney Silverstein. In the category of Biological Anthropology, the winners were:  first prize - Amy Cobden; second prize - Bonnie Kaiser; third prize - Jen Kuzara; and honorable mention - Dan Coppeto.

Visit our flickr gallery to see the images submitted by all of our talented graduate students.

Anthropology students integral to Emory University Medical Interpretation Service program

Anthropology graduate student Howard Chiou, anthropology major Trisha Patel and GHCS minor Eddie Garcia are featured in "Interpreting Health: Found in Translation," Emory Health (Winter 2013, pages 26-27). They are among the student founders of the Emory University Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services (EUVMIS), one of the first service-learning programs in the country to train graduate and undergraduate students as medical interpreters. You can also find the article online at: http://emoryhealthmagazine.emory.edu/issues/2013/winter/features/interpreting-health.

Anthropology Student Awards 

  • Congratulations to anthropology MD/PhD student Howard Chiou who was recently named a 2013 NSF East Asia & Pacific Summer Institutes Fellow for Australia./li>
  • Congratulations to Katherine Dickerson, a double major in neuroscience & behavioral biology and anthropology & human biology, for winning the prestigious Marion Luther Brittain Award at this year's commencement (Emory News May 2013). Katie was also chosen as one of the 2013-2014 recipients of the highly sought-after Robert T. Jones Jr. Scholarship Award for a year of study at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland (Emory Report, February 2013).
  • Anthropology Honors alumnae and Shostak Award winner, Chelsey Carter, won the 2012 Society for Anthropological Science student paper competition with a paper titled "Gender Consciousness: Understanding the Illness Experiences and Explanatory Models of Men and Women with ALS in Georgia." She also presented her work at the American Anthropological Association meeting last November.
  • Joint Major in Religion and Anthropology Blair Hunt was awarded an Undergraduate Humanities Honors Fellowship for Spring 2013 by Emory's Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry.