Anthropology Adjunct Faculty

Sarah Franzen

PhD Emory University, 2016

Aubrey Graham

Emory University Institute for Liberal Arts
PhD Emory University, 2016

Daniel Gross 
PhD Columbia University, 1970

Robert A. Hahn

Centers for Disease Control, Associate Professor
PhD Harvard University, 1976

Bronwyn (Bonnie) Kaiser

UC San Diego
PHD, M.P.H Emory, 2015

Hilary King

Emory University Masters in Development Practice Program
PhD Emory University, 2017

Kathryn A. Kozaitis

Georgia State University, Associate Professor and Chair
PhD University of Michigan, 1993

Leandris Liburd
PhD Emory University, 2006

George Luber

Chief, Climate & Health Program, National Center for Environmental Health, CDC
(This activity is being performed by Dr. Luber in his private capacity. No official support or endorsement by CDC is intended or should be inferred.)
PhD, University of Georgia, 2002

Ruben Oliven

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
PhD London School of Economics and Political Science, 1977

Sujit Shrestha
PhD Emory University, 2018

Bethany L. Turner

Georgia State University, Associate Professor
PhD Emory University, 2008

Jon E. Zibbell

Senior Public Health Scientist, RTI International
PhD University of Massachusetts, 2009