Jessica Cook

Visiting Instructor

Office: Anthropology 210. Office hours Tuesday and Thursday 10.30am - 1:00pm.


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  • PhD, Anthropology, University of Georgia, 2017
  • MS, Geology, University of Georgia


Jessica Cook Hale is an instructor at Emory University, and an associate scholar with the Aucilla Research Institute in Monticello, Florida. She holds a PhD in Anthropology and an MS in Geology from UGA, and specializes in marine geoarchaeology of submerged prehistoric landscapes, materials analysis using electron microscopy methods, geospatial statistical analysis, submerged landscape reconstruction, and geophysical survey. She has authored or co-authored publications in Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, the Journal of Archaeological Science Reports, Southeastern Archaeology, and various regional publications, with a focus on submerged landscapes along the Georgia coastline and Apalachee Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. Her studies on the marine geoarchaeology and the geochemistry of corrosion in lithics recovered from submerged sites in the Gulf of Mexico are the topics of two chapters published in June, 2019, in the volume “New Directions in the Search for the First Floridians”, published by the University of Florida Press. Her primary research focus is on submerged prehistoric coastal occupations in the southeastern United States from the late Pleistocene through the Middle Holocene, their articulations with upland settlements, and site formation processes specific to these site types and artifactual materials. Orcid: 0000-0003-4059-6999