Brynn Champney

Cohort: 2016


  • BA, Anthropology, University of Rochester, 2015


I plan to study Child-Headed Households in rural Rwanda. Rwanda has the highest percentage of child-headed households in the world, and provides a compelling example of how large populations of orphans and vulnerable children may be treated by the state, their community, and one another in the aftermath of upheaval. Child-Headed Households exist in every corner  of the world, whether they are acknowledged, encouraged, ignored, or made illegal by the state. Due to violent conflict, population health crises, and environmental disaster, I predict their increasing prevalence worldwide. I know that ethnographic study of this phenomena can contribute immensely to both contextualized and cross-cultural understandings of alternative child-rearing methods, created kinship, and community coping mechanisms.

Advisor: Dr. Knauft