Ioulia Fenton

Cohort: 2013


  • MS, Development Studies, University of London
  • BS, Psychology, University of Bath


Broadly speaking I am interested in the anthropological study of food and agriculture. Following Master’s fieldwork in the lake Atitlan area of Guatemala, my proposed doctoral dissertation topic looks at how globalization-driven economic and cultural change impacts important systems that (negatively) affect the health of Maya people(s) and their environment. Guatemala, as many other countries, is undergoing significant change; due to a confluence of different economic, political and social factors, adulthood obesity and childhood under-nutrition co-exist even in the same households, while the land on which people rely for their sustenance is increasingly damaged by harmful agricultural chemicals, and the effects of deforestation and climate change. The role that different cultural beliefs and values—modern versus traditional—play in mitigating or exacerbating these effects is of particular interest to me. I foresee using my research to help governments, organizations and communities in Guatemala and other Latin American countries to design programs to tackle some of the worst eco-health problems they face.

Advisor: Dr. Barlett