Nikola Johnson


  • BA, History & Sociocultural Anthropology, University of California, San Diego, 2014


My research interests are centered on indigeneity, social movements, development, and neoliberalism in Latin America with a particular focus on urban indigenous youth in Chile. My dissertation will investigate Mapuche indigenous university activism, brought to center stage after the 2011 Chilean university student movement, to understand how indigenous youth shape identity and meaning, transmit their narratives and knowledge, and exert social agency within and outside the indigenous communities of Chile. I am particularly interested in how indigenous activists view the Chilean nation-state, their community, and themselves both in their interactions with the broader non-indigenous nation and within dynamic and diverse indigenous populations. As a social movement, I am interested in understanding how through indigeneity their framework posits alternatives to Chilean nationalism, education, and developmental models, where they draw influences from, and what these alternatives look like.

Advisor: Dr. Nugent