Aiman Mustafa

Cohort: 2010


  • MA, Sociology, Delhi School of Economics
  • Post Graduate Diploma, English Journalism, Indian Institute of Mass Communications
  • B.Tech., Electrical Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University


I have worked briefly as a news reporter and my immediate research interests stem from this experience. I seek to explicate how the stuff of "reality" comes to be what it is in the discursive space of the newspaper. This I do by examining the relationships between different kinds of language press, and their quite differing versions of "reality". Engaging with the now classical and pioneering media studies work of CCCS, I also seek to go beyond it by living among newspersons and examing the process of news production from the ground up. Here I specifically focus on the relationship between the postcolonial nation-state and news producers to delineate how and if the news media are implicated in the role of ideological apparatuses of the state. When i am not working I enjoy biking. I am also a cinema lover, being quite interested in the dynamics of popular cinema.

Research Interests- materialist theories of culture, sociology of culture, anthropology of the state, anthropology of the media.

Advisor: Dr. Nugent