neuroscience group
L-R: Jim Rilling, Pritam Gautam, Kim Li, Dan Coppeto, Jerry Chen, Xiangchuan Chen

Lab Director:

James K. Rilling, Ph.D

Research Associate:

Xu "Jerry" Chen, Ph.D

Xiangchuan Chen, Ph.D

Project Coordinators:

Pritam Gautam

Ting "Kim" Li

Graduate Students:

Dan Coppeto

Christina Rogers


Edward M. Valentin, LCSW, CMFSW

Former Lab staff:

Ashley Demarco

Patrick Hackett

Sabrina Stair

Jim Rilling

James K. Rilling, Ph.D

James K. Rilling is a Winship Distinguished Research Professor of Anthropology at Emory University, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Rilling and his colleagues use non-invasive functional brain imaging techniques to compare brain structure and function in monkeys, apes and humans, with the goal of identifying human brain specializations and informing our knowledge of human brain evolution. His lab also uses functional MRI to investigate the neural bases of 1) cooperation and 2) paternal care in humans.

Xiangcuan Chen

Xiangchuan Chen, Ph.D

With a neuroscience background, Xiangchuan is mainly working on MRI data analysis in the lab.

Xu Jerry Chen

Xu "Jerry" Chen, Ph.D

With a background in Biomedical Engineering, Jerry is the technical expert in the lab. He is primarily responsible for the analysis of data as well as the maintenance of lab’s computational infrastructure.

Pritam Gautam

Pritam Gautam

Pritam has a background in Biomedical Engineering. He is a Research Coordinator for two different projects at the Laboratory for Darwinian Neuroscience. His interests are in data analysis, computing, research and image reconstruction.

Ting Kim Li

Ting "Kim" Li

Kim has a background in both neuroscience and psychology. She is a Clinical Research Coordinator working on projects investigating parental behavior, effect of infant cry and social perception. She’s passionate about data analysis and has worked on different datasets ranging from brain imaging to genetics.

Edward Valentin

Edward M. Valentin, LCSW, CMFSW

Edward is a predoctoral student at Clark Atlanta University, Whitney M. Young School of Social Work. His general social neuroscience study interests include: oxytocin, vasopressin, MRI brain activations as it relates to social loss, suicidality, mood disorders, combat veteran bonds, and human bonds. 

Matthew Glasser

Former Undergraduate Students:

Laura Alarcon

Ellen Chiang

Solanda Dufresne

Sarah Howard

Erin Trifilio

Former Graduate Students:

Sarah Barks

Bhargav Kumar

Aral Ahmadi

Jennifer Mascaro, Ph.D.

Former Postdoctoral Fellow:

Jennifer Mascaro, Ph.D.