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Media, Communication, and Performance

Faculty in this specialization explore a range of topics and approaches relating to media, communication, and performance. These include a focus on issues of power, epistemology, representation, resistance, social justice, social movements, lived experience, and engaged & public anthropology.

Faculty do research and train students in a variety of media and modalities, including digital and deep mapping, experimental ethnography, ethnographic theater, ethnographic film, visual anthropology, sonic & sensuous ethnography, and installations.

We also communicate in newspapers, magazines, on radio, and in podcasts, to inform a wider public about all aspects of anthropology and how our field can help us understand ourselves and each other, making better policy choices as a result.

Bayo Holsey Headshot
Bayo Holsey
Associate Professor
Anthropology 211
Justin Hosbey Headshot
Justin Hosbey
Assistant Professor
218B Anthropology
Melvin Konner Headshot
Melvin Konner
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
106 Anthropology