Global Development Studies Approved Courses

AAS 412W War Crimes and Genocide
AFS 221 The Making of Modern Africa
AFS 270 Violence: 20th Century Africa
AFS 345 Gender Violence/Gender Justice
AFS 366 Development Issues for Africa
AFS 389 Africa and the Natural Resources Curse
    Political Culture and Citizenship in Postcolonial Africa
    Disease and Health in Modern Africa
    Gender Violence/Gender Justice (now 
    Africa: Rule of Law & Pol. Dev.
AFS 478 Economic Development in Africa
ANT 102 Intro to Global Health
    Politics / Humanitarianism / Africa
ANT 205 Foundations of Global Health
ANT 207 Foundations of Development Studies
ANT 250 Fast Food/Slow Food (Now 252)
ANT 252 Fast Food/Slow Food
ANT 280R North America: Foodways, Production & Consumption Across the United States
ANT 351 Sustainable Development
    Sustainable Development: Anthropological Perspective
ANT 352 Globalization & Transnational Culture
ANT 385 Anth Demography
    African Studies, Gender Violence/Gender Justice
    Anthropology of Food Insecurity
    Food Insecurity and the Global Food Crisis/Global Food Insecurity
    Gods, Markets, and Neoliberalism: Anthropology of Religion and Economy
    Cities and Citizenship
    Development, Poverty, and Inequality
BIOL 345 Conservation Biology
CHN 279W Post-Mao? China after 1976
EAS 382 Two Koreas
ECON 362 Economic Development
ECON 364 LatinAm Economics
ECON 365 Environmental Economics
ECON 366 Development Issues for (Sub-Saharan) Africa
ECON 372 Health Policy & Economics
    Health Care Markets
ECON 385 Special Topic: Economics and Ethics of Globalization 
    Special Topics/India Today: Economics, Politics, Innovation and Sustainability
    Political Economy of China
ECON 390RW Junior Seminar: Political Economy of Middle East/North Africa
ECON 431 International Trade
ECON 432 International Finance
ECON 443 Public Choice
ECON 465 Resource & Environmental Economics
ENVS 220 Energy & Climate Change
ENVS  225 Institutions and the Environment 
ENVS 227 Environmental Policy
ENVS 320 Enviromental Assessment and Management
ENVS 326 Climate Chnge and Society
ENVS 345 Conservation Biology
ENVS 377 International Environmental Policy
ENVS 385 Topics/Perspectives on Sustainable Development
    Bridging the Science-Policy Interface
ENVS 420 Law and Biodiversity
ENVS 426 U.N. Climate Change Conference
ENVS 458 Fishers and Fisheries
HIST 211 Latin America: A History
HIST 220 Making of Modern Latin America
HIST 221 Making of Modern Africa
HIST 265 Making of Modern South Asia
HIST 285 Globalization: Atlantic World
    C. Democracy and Dictatorship
    History of Human Rights
HIST 347 The Industrial Revolution
HIST 361 Latin America Since Independence
    Brazil: Cuontry of the Future
HIST 367 The Making of Sout Africa
HIST 372 History of Modern Japan
HIST 373 History of Modern China
HIST 385 History of Global Health
    Humanitarianism/Global History
HLTH 332 Healthe & Human Rights
HLTH 350 Core Issues in Global Health: Under the Weather?
IDS 201 Food Sovereignty
IDS 285W Interdisciplinary Topics: Sustainability Dilemmas
IDS 385 Special Topic: Environmental Justice
    Sustainable Food Fair
    Urban Food Security
IDS 392 Capstone Development Studies
LACS 263 Plantation to Postcolonial
LACS 265 Visitor meets Native
LACS 363 Sugar and Rum
LACS 265W Tourism and its Encounters with Caribbean Economy, Politics and Culture
MESAS 337 Women in India
MESAS 370 India Today: Innovation, Sustainability
    Econ. Development in ME/N. Africa
PHIL 482 Social Ethics, Sust'y Race and Gender
POLS 190 India: Challenges, Opportunities 
POLS 313W International Organization
POLS 317 Global Human Rights
POLS 319 International Political Economy
POLS 322 Politics of Southeast Asia  (MAY CHANGE TO POLS 394)
POLS 330 Developmental Democracy
POLS 334 Contemporary African Politics
POLS 368 Urban Public Policy
POLS 370A Community Building and Social Change
POLS 370B Planning & Evaluating Community Building Initiatives 
POLS 382 Dictatorship and Development
POLS 384 International Environmental Policy (Cross -Listed: ENVS 377-000)
POLS 385 Politcal Violence
    Political Economy of Development
    Special Topics: Democracy, Labor and Development
    Political Economy of African Development
    India Today: Econ, Pol, Innov, Sus
    Politics of Labor
    South Asian Politics since 1945
    Poverty in America
POLS 385W Special Topics: Deep Democratization in the Arab World
POLS 394 Intrernational Political Economy
POLS 490 Politics of Economic Development
    Democracy and Market Reform
    Political Econ. of Development
POLS 490R Gender, Islam and Politics
    Elections in the Developing World
    Politics of Inequality
POLS 490SWR Globalization and Its Discontents
POLS 494W Elections in the Developing World
SOC 190 Making Sense of Globalization
SOC 266 Global Change
SOC 289 Special Topics: Politics of Food, Hunger, and Sustainability
SOC 360 World Inequality and Underdevelopment
SOC 372 Social Movement East & West
SOC 389 Economic Development in Africa
SOC 389 Modernity and Social Change in East Asia
    Media, Islam and Social Movements
    Special Topic: Echoes of Arab Spring
    Contamporary China and Culture
SOC 527 Gender and Global Health
SPAN 460 Topic: Modern Latin American Studies, Cultural Identity and Globalization in Latin America
    Social Change
    Seeds of Radical Change: Revolutionary 1960's to Green 2000's in LA Literature and Film
WS 475/389 Gender, Human Rights, & Post-Conflict Societies