Structure and Requirements of the Sustainability Minor

The Minor in Sustainability requires two core courses and at least four elective courses. The core courses include IDS 206: an introductory team-taught course, and IDS 391: a Capstone Seminar.

All Courses must be graded.

1. Twenty hours required, including IDS 206 (3 credits) and IDS 391 (3 credits). Up to two classes (8 credits) can be  transfer or study abroad.Sunflower-and-Bees - Educational-Garden.jpg

2. Students must take at least one approved course in each of the three divisions of the university (natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities) and can count no more than two from their major.

3. A capstone exercise will deepen student engagement with the issues and perspectives through research, internship, campus project, or other practicum experience.  Capstone experiences can be supervised by any appropriate faculty member or study abroad faculty member and may be carried out in a course or non-course experience.  Registration in the capstone seminar will provide a community of fellow minors, the final paper will have at least 3,500 words.

4. A rotating Steering Committee will provide guidance and supervision throughout the student's progress through the Minor.

Capstone Deadlines: Students wishing to take the Capstone Seminar must have an initial meeting with their advisor no later then Septermber 30th, the Fall before they plan to take the Capstone. A first draft proposal for their project is due October 15th.