Sustainability Minor: Approved Courses Master List

*Please note: Courses listed below are approved for the Sustainability Minor only when taught by the instructor on record*

*Petitions can be made for courses that are not listed*

Course # Course Title Instructor on Record Cross Listing
AFS 311 Nutritional Anthropology Craig Hadley ANT 311
AFS 366/366W Development Issues for Africa Gordon Streeb ECON 366/366W
AFS 389 Environment and Society in Africa Mari Webel  
AFS 389 Environment and Economy in Modern African History Mari Webel  
AFS 468  Economic Development in Africa Sam Cherribi SOC 468
ANT 102 Introduction to Global Health Staff GHCS 102
ANT 190 Anthropology of Coffee and Chocolate Peggy Barlett  
ANT 190 Past, Present, and Future of Food and Population Craig Hadley  
ANT 207 Foundation Development Studies Staff IDS 207
ANT 231  Predictive Health and Society Michelle Lampl HLTH 210
ANT 250  Fast Food, Slow Food Peggy Barlett  
ANT 252 Fast Food, Slow Food Peggy Barlett  
ANT 302 Primate Behavior and Ecology Staff  
ANT 311  Anthropological Demography Craig Hadley  
ANT 311  Nutritional Anthropology Craig Hadley AFS 311
ANT 338  Global Health Carol Worthman  
ANT 351 Sustainable Development Peggy Barlett  
ANT 352   Globalization and Transnational Culture Carla Freeman WGS 342
ANT 385 Special Topics: Human Health: Food, Health & Society Cassandra Quave HLTH 385
ANT 385  Poor People, Rich Nations:  Anthropology and Development Peter Little HLTH 385
ANT 385 Food, Politics and Biology in Latin America Gabriela Sheets & Hilary King  
ANT 385 Sustainability Leadership in Practice Peggy Barlett  
ANT 386 Sustainable Food Fair  Peggy Barlett  
ANT 504 Agrarian Transformation Peggy Barlett  
ANT 585 Development and Change Peter Little  
BIOL 247 Ecology with Lab - Needs Biology Permission Staff ENVS 247
BUS 332 Business and Society Wesley Longhofer  
BUS 451 Making Effective Decisions Michael Prietula  
CPLT 202 From Nature to Ecology Thomas Burch  
ECON 190 Economics of Poverty Staff  
ECON 362  Economic Development Gordon Streeb  
ECON 364 Latin American Economic Development Monica Capra  
ECON 365 Environmental Economics Tilman Klumpp  
ECON 366  Development Issues for Africa Gordon Streeb AFS 366
ECON 366W Development Issues for Africa Gordon Streeb AFS 366W
ECON 372W Health Policy and Economics Staff  
ECON 443 Public Choice Tilman Klumpp  
ECON 465  Natural Resources and Environmental Economics Tanya Molodtsova  
ENG 389 Ecocriticism and Green Studies John Johnston CPLT 389
ENG 389W Literature of Disaster in the Americas Valerie Loichot CPLT 389
ENVS 120 Living in the Anthropocene    
ENVS 130 Environmental Science  
ENVS 225 Institutions and the Environment (see pre-req) Tracy Yandle  
ENVS 227 Environmental Policy (see pre-req) Tracy Yandle POLS 227W
ENVS 250 Fundamentals of Cartography and GIS  
ENVS 330  Climatology Woody Hickcox  
EOH 582 Climate Change and Public Heath Justin Remais  
EOH 585 Public Health Ecology Justin Remais  
FREN 488 Caribbean Literature and Culture Valerie Loichot  
FREN 488 Literature and Sustainability Staff  
GER 190 The Rise and Fall of Nature (in English) Caroline Schaumann  
GRD 700 Povery in America: People, Politics Michael Rich  
HIST 344 American Environmental History Patrick Allitt ENVS 344
HIST 368 Latin American Landscapes Thomas Rogers ENVS 368, LACS 368
HIST 488W Health, Environment, & Civil Rights Elena Conis HLTH 485
HLTH 340  Food, Health & Society Cassandra Quave  
IDS 200W Interdisciplinary Foundations Peter Wakefield  
IDS 205 (and W) Science and the Nature of Evidence Arri Eisen/Peter Wakefield  
IDS 206 Foundations of Sustainability Staff  
IDS 207 Foundation Development Studies Staff  
IDS 285W Intro IDS Topics: Sustainability Dilemmas Shaunna Barnhart  
IDS 385 Environmental Justice Shaunna Barnhart SOC 389
IDS 385 Mapping the Urban Environment Michael Page  
IDS 385 Eating Ethics (CoLA) J. Crane, A. Girard, M. Goldstein  
IDS 385 Sugar and Rum Robert Goddard  
IDS 385  Animal Ethics Lori Marino PSYC 385
IDS 391 Sustainability Capstone Seminar Staff  
IDS 489 Sustainability Leadership in Practice Peggy Barlett & Shaunna Barnhart  
INFO 530 Geographic Information System for Public Health Staff  
ITAL 470 Topics in Italian Literature Simona Muratore  
JPN 402  Advanced Language and Cultural Studies:Nature and disaster Noriko Takeda  
JS/GER 230 Nature and the Jewish Imagination Miriam Udel GER 230
LACS 265 Visitor Meets Native:  Tourism & Encounters with Caribbean  Robert Goddard  
LACS 385 Environmental History of Americas Thomas Rogers HIST 385
LAW 843 Climate Change & Other Int'l Environmental Law Challenges Jonathan Nash  
MES 251W Daily Life in Ancient Israel Oded Borowski JS 251, REL 251
PHIL 117 Nature/Environment/Sustainability Staff / Andrew Mitchell  
PHIL 190 American Transcendentalism Andrew Mitchell  
PHIL 190 Happiness Cindy Willett  
PHIL 215 Contemporary Moral Issues Jack Zupko  
PHIL 317 Environmental Ethics Staff  
PHIL 417 Philosophy of Nature Andrew Mitchell  
PHIL 482 Quest for Meaning in Post-Consumer Culture Cindy Willett  
PHIL 482 Social Ethics, Sustainability, Race, and Gender Cindy Willett  
PHIL 541 Neuroscience, Philosophical Psychology, and Animal Studies Cynthia Willett  
POLS 317  Global Human Rights David Davis III  
POLS 322  Politics of Southeast Asia Rick Doner  
POLS 370A Community Building and Social Change Michael Owens  
POLS 370BW Planning Community Initiatives Michael Rich CBSC/ENVS/SOC 370BW
POLS 385 Political Economy of African Development Gordon Streeb AFS 389
POLS 385 Politics of Oil Dependency Marion Creekmore  
POLS 385  Political Economy of Development Rick Doner  
POLS 385  Poverty in America:  People, Politics Michael Rich GRD 700
POLS 490 Comparative Environmental Politics Staff  
REL 329 Religion and Ecology Bobbi Patterson  
REL 382 Emory as Place Bobbi Patterson  
SOC 105 Intro Population & Human Ecology Staff  
SOC 465 Social Interaction Processes Karen Hegtvedt  
SPAN 212 Sustainability and Environment in Latin America Lisa Dillman  
SPAN 460 Green with Love:  Sustainability Discourse in Dierdra Reber LACS 490
SPAN 460 Models of Social Change in the Global Americas Dierdra Reber  
BIOL 111 - OX Environmental Science Theodosia Wade  
BIOL 135Q - OX Plants and Society Eloise Carter  
BIOL 235 - OX Field Botany Eloise Carter  
BIOL 245 - OX Freshwater Ecology Steven Baker  
SOC 215 - OX Social Problems Michael McQuaide  
SOC 231 - OX Social Change in Developing Societies: Ecuador Michael McQuaide  
SOC 240 - OX Sociology of Food Deric Shannon  
SOC 248 - OX Sociology of Sustainability Deric Shannon  
SOC     - OX Social Science and Sustainability Deric Shannon  
SOC    -OX Global Political Economy and Sustainability Deric Shannon