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Graduation 2024

Please join the Department of Anthropology in congratulating our Class of 2024! 

A message from Anna Grimshaw, Anthropology Department Chair:

"Warmest congratulations to you all! On behalf of the Department of Anthropology, I want to say how proud we all are of your wonderful achievements at Emory. We wish you the very best as you move forward with your careers.     

Please stay in touch with us. You are part of our community and we would love to hear from you.

With my warmest wishes."

Anna Grimshaw,
Professor and Chair, Anthropology

Class of 2024

Avery Adelman                                                Chaelin Hong                                                     Destiny Riddick
Divya Arora                                                      Edgar Hsieh                                                        Carolina Sadurski
Ramis Banuri                                                   Nathaniel Hyman                                               Taryn Salako
Michael Blankfein                                           Maya Iberkleid Nelkenbaum                            Rowan Salls
Arantxa Bonifaz Rosas                                   Raya Islam                                                           Eden Schapera
Kaleb Branch                                                   Emily Jang                                                            Faith Schofield
Bethsie Brice                                                    Shadman Kabir                                                   Sofia Seewald
Mai Khuyen Bui                                                Anya Kasubhai                                                   Ethan Shi
Lucia Buscemi                                                  Eve Kennedy                                                       Emily Silver
Arden Chan                                                      Kayla Kim                                                            Andrea Snoddy
Baldwin Chen                                                   Leticia Kim                                                          Isabel Staton
Steven Chen                                                      Nathaniel Kranz                                                 Rowan Strathmann
Sasha Collins                                                     Julia Kwak                                                           Lauren Suh
Sona Davis                                                         Samantha Lai                                                      Phoebe Taiwo
Kiera Dyson                                                       Trevena Lampley                                                Jackson Taylor
Charlotte Emerson                                           Noah Larco                                                         Vrushali Thakkar
Gabby Ess                                                           Abby Lau                                                             Paige Thielke
Annessa Felipe-Pate                                         Eric Li                                                                   Lian Tsiao
Emi Fernandez                                                  Marguerite Li                                                      Harish Venkatraman
Galya Fischer                                                     Kaitlynn Love                                                      Muskaan Vohra
Maya Fleischer                                                  Sean Malhotra                                                    Grace Ward
Emma Friese                                                      Adam Malik                                                          Jack Warn III
Valeria Funes                                                     Andrew Mijacika                                                  Rayna Weitzman
Nicole Gaidici                                                     Susan Mumford                                                  Elizabeth Whiteside
Neha Ganjur                                                      Cody Nelson                                                         Keena Yin
Reese George                                                    Ezra Packard                                                        Carmen Yohannes
Devin Ginouves                                                 Amelia Parker                                                      Paolo Zapata
Marissa Gonzalez                                             Arjolyn Penas    
Jakiya Gray                                                         Kimberly Pi         
Maddie Hasson                                                 J'Dyn Plater        
Claire Hellwig                                                    Sara Popofsky   
India Hetherington                                          Anna Qian          
Ally Hom                                                            Taher Rahman

Megan Beney Kilgore
Nikola Johnson
AJ Jones
Katy Lindquist

Honors and Awards Recipients

Learn more about our Anthropology Student Awards and Honors Students! For award descriptions and past winners, check out our Departmental Awards webpage.

2024 Anthropology Student Awards

The Anthropology Department is pleased to announce our 2024 student award winners!  Undergraduate awards were presented at our annual Honors and Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 26. We are so proud of our many impressive students. Please join us in congratulating them!

Outstanding Senior Award: 

  • Eric Li
  • Ezra Packard
  • Elizabeth Whiteside

Outstanding Junior Award: 

  • Krishna Sanaka

Marjorie Shostak Award for Excellence and Humanity in Ethnography:

  • AJ Jones for her dissertation “Performing the Missing X: Sex, Gender, Disability, and Ambivalent Identity Politics in the United States”, advised by Chikako Ozawa-de Silva and nominated by Bruce Knauft.
  • Sasha Tycko for her photographic installation “Ways of the Atlanta Forest”, advised by Anna Grimshaw.
  • Galya Fischer for her Capstone project “Side by Side: An Exploration of Accessibility and Anthropological Research”, advised by Anna Grimshaw.

Trevor E. Stokol Scholarship for Undergraduate Research 2024-25:

  • Peter Attarian
  • Kaela Goldstein
  • Kevin Gunawardana
  • Sarah Jung
  • Lydia King

George Armelagos Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student:

  • Katy Lindquist
  • Sophie Joseph

Read more about this year’s honors students and their projects on our 2024 Honors Students page.

Honors Students 

(left to right: Dr. Robert Paul, Sarah Vickery-Hartanto*, Kevin Gunawardana*, Elizabeth Whiteside, Isabel Staton, Ezra Packard, Emily Silver, Sona Davis, Eric Li)

*Sarah and Kevin are on track to graduate with honors in December 2024.

Sona Davis
Thesis Title: Investigating the role of the BAF Complex in Human Disease and Evolution
Advisor: David Gorkin, John Lindo

Maddie Hasson
Thesis Title: Guiding Cell Perception of its Microenvironment for Enhanced Microfracture Repair
Advisor: Jay Patel, Craig Hadley

Raya Islam
Thesis Title: Mapping Bengali New York
Advisor: Yami Rodriguez

Emily Jang
Thesis Title: Exploring Beliefs & Identity: The Internal & External World of Asian Americans
Advisor: Chikako Ozawa-de Silva, Brendan Ozawa-de Silva

Qucheng (Eric) Li
Thesis Title: Sinicizing Muslims: Haunting, Punitiveness, and Sacrifice in Neoliberalizing China
Advisor: Michael Peletz

Ezra Packard
Thesis Title: The Stories Behind Atlanta Food Growing: Oral History and Exhibition as Research Method
Advisor: Kristin Phillips, Jonathan Coulis

Emily Silver
Thesis Title: Community Organizing in Atlanta: Perspectives from the AIDS Crisis and COVID-19 Pandemic
Advisor: Rachel Hall-Clifford

Andrea Snoddy
Thesis Title: Myths and Medicine: Analyzing Medical Racism in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area
Advisor: John Lindo

Isabel Staton
Thesis Title: Farmers in the Storm: Exploring Alternative Risk Management Strategies Amid Winter Storm Elliott
Advisor: Hilary King

Phoebe Taiwo
Thesis Title: Examining the Relationship Between Physical and Mental Comorbidities and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Serostatus in Black Women
Advisor: Anna Rubstova

Elizabeth Whiteside
Thesis Title: Uncovering Menopause in Tufted Capuchin Monkeys (Sapajus apella): Analyzing the Relationship between Estradiol, Aging, and Behavioral Estrus in a Captive Population
Advisor: Marcela Benitez

Lambda Alpha is the national honors society for anthropology.  Members must be juniors or seniors, have completed at least 14 credits of Anthropology coursework, and meet GPA requirements.

Michael Blankfein
Kaleb Branch
Lucia Buscemi
Kiera Dyson
Emilia Fernandez
Emma Friese
Devin Ginouves
Claire Hellwig
Kayla Kim
Leticia Kim
Samantha Lai
Eric Li
Marguerite Li
Kaitlynn Love
Sean Malhotra
Adam Malik
Susan Mumford
Neha Murthy
Amelia Parker
Sara Popofsky
Anna Qian
Carolina Sadurski
Ethan Shi
Andrea Snoddy
Phoebe Taiwo
Muskaan Vohra
Grace Ward
Elizabeth Whiteside