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Peter BrownProfessor

Professor Brown is not accepting new graduate students.


PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, 1979


One of the three founding members of the Anthropology program, Peter Brown came to Emory in 1978. He teaches in both the Anthropology department as well as in Hubert Department of Global Health in the School of Public Health. He is Director of the Center for Health, Culture and Society, an Emory program that links interdisciplinary efforts between Arts and Sciences with activities in the School of Public Health. Actively involved in the university's strategic planning in global health, he serves as senior academic adviser for the Emory Global Health Institute. In 2007, he designed and became director of an undergraduate minor program: Global Health, Culture and Society at Emory College.



  • Medical anthropology
  • Disease eradication and development
  • Infectious diseases
  • Obesity
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Male gender and health
  • Global health
  • Mediterranean Europe

Peter Brown’s long-standing research interest is in culture and health – particularly with the infectious disease malaria and chronic diseases related to obesity. He co-edited The Anthropology of Infectious Disease and more recently Emerging Illnesses and Society. His research primarily deals with sociocultural aspects of malaria and its control, and he serves on a malaria-related Scientific Advisory Committee for the World Health Organization. His work on obesity emphasizes a biocultural as well as a critical medical anthropological. Current research projects cover a wide range of medical anthropological topics, including: global mental health and stigma; male gender and health; the cultural history of international/global health; community partnerships in public health; and the history of medical anthropology.


  • ANT 202 Foundations of Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 230 Medical Anthropology
  • ANT 332 Global Health: An Anthropological Perspective (MPH)
  • ANT 385 Anthropological Perspectives on the Obesity "Epidemic"
  • ANT 385 Introduction to Global Health
  • ANT 385 AIDS in Africa through Film
  • ANT 585 Medical Anthropology
  • Core Issues in Global Health: Social and Cultural Aspects of Malaria
  • Core Issues in Global Health: Global Health Issues in the South African Context
  • Core Issues in Global Health: Global Health Leadership in Historical Perspective
  • Core Issues in Global Health: Ethnographies of Global Health