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Ruşen BingülCohort 2020


  • BA, Anthropology, Mardin Artuklu University
  • BA, Kurdish Language and Literature, Mardin Artuklu University
  • MA, Cultural Studies, Istanbul Sehir University


My research interests; anthropology of law, anthropology of the state, conflict resolution, anthropology of borders, Kurdish studies, and citizenship studies.

For my Ph.D. project, I am working on a conflict resolution committee that functions in Mardin, Turkey. Although the state provides courts for the citizens, a majority of the local people still consult an alternative system such as conflict resolution committee. Thus, the goal of my thesis is to examine what discourages locals from consulting state courts and to investigate the numerous reasons behind their consulting of the committee to work on whether the reasons relate to political, ethnic, economic, religious, citizenship, and/or judicial trust problems.

Advisor: Dr. Peletz