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Ruşen BingülCohort 2020


  • MA, Cultural Studies, Istanbul Sehir University
  • BA, Anthropology, Mardin Artuklu University


Ruşen Bingül's research focuses on the intersections of the anthropology of law, state anthropology, and the study of gender and religion. Her work examines the interaction between alternative judicial bodies and issues of gender and religion, the state, and civil society organizations in the Kurdish regions of Turkey. In her doctoral dissertation, Ruşen explores the complexity and dynamics of legal pluralism, particularly in relation to alternative judicial bodies coexisting with state courts and other non-state adjudication spaces in the Kurdish regions. This research includes a comprehensive analysis of how women in Kurdish Turkey interact with these alternative judicial spaces. It investigates their methods of engagement and agency within these spaces, paying attention to the influences of male dominance, women's agency, and religious factors. Her ethnographic work in the Mardin and Diyarbakır provinces of Turkey provides a thorough understanding of legal practices and gender dynamics in this Kurdish context, contributing to the fields of anthropology, legal, and gender studies.

Advisor: Dr. Peletz