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Peter HabibCohort 2018


  • M. Litt., Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies, University of St. Andrews, 2017
  • BA, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies, Emory University, 2015


  • Political Anthropology
  • Anthropology of Humanitarianism
  • Anthropology of the Middle East
  • Ecological Anthropology

My research interests include studies of humanitarianism, development, ecology, infrastructure, and the state. My dissertation research is based in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley where I examine how the management of resources such as water impact social life among residents and governing actors. In particular, I explore how Lebanese and Syrian residents navigate, petition, and supplement water access provided by government, private, humanitarian, and natural sources.Through this analysis I hope to better understand how life becomes shared, and how solidarity forms, between citizens and refugees living in protracted displacement.

Advisor: Dr. Nugent