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Brain and Behavior

Faculty in this specialization investigate the evolution of human and non-human primate brains and behaviors, as well as the ultimate and proximate bases of human and non-human primate behavior.

Faculty draw on modern neuroimaging, behavioral, and endocrinological methods to explore the proximate basis of language (Stout, Rilling), technology (Stout), cooperation (Rilling), parental caregiving (Konner, Rilling) and behavioral sex/gender differences (Konner). Faculty also rely heavily on a comparative approach to identify conserved and derived aspects of human brain and behavior.

Melvin Konner Headshot
Melvin Konner
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
106 Anthropology
Elizabeth Lonsdorf Headshot
Elizabeth Lonsdorf
Acting Associate Professor - starting Fall 2022
James Rilling Headshot
James Rilling
1462 Clifton Rd Building, Room 268.
Dietrich Stout Headshot
Dietrich Stout
Director of Graduate Studies and Professor
114 Anthropology