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Core Courses

Introductory Foundations Course (IDS 206)

IDS 206 is an annual integrative Foundations course that draws from the expertise of a rotating team of faculty. Foundations of Sustainability offers an introduction to the ideas and issues that constitute the interdisciplinary field of sustainability through the examination of specific case studies and themes presented to the course through a series of lectures, readings, and discussions led by Emory faculty from the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. The course has significant participation from Emory faculty and staff who embrace sustainability in their research and recognize the need for culture change. Sustainability recognizes that social equity, environmental integrity, and economic prosperity are all desirable, but also that these goals may be in competition with each other.

Capstone Experience (IDS 391)

The Minor in Sustainability culminates in a capstone experience, which completes the student's intellectual journey that started with the interdisciplinary Foundations course and the specialized electives relating to sustainability. Many kinds of experiential learning are possible to fulfill the capstone requirement and some will already include course credit that will count towards the Minor, some will not. The capstone course is three credits. The portfolio requirement for the minor will be completed and polished during the capstone course. Some examples of projects that can be used in the capstone project include:

  • Honors project within the major: it is expected that a sustainability-related chapter may be added to a project that is designed only within one discipline. Some projects will already be interdisciplinary and appropriate. Four credits of an 8-credit honors sequence can count towards the minor.
  • Laboratory, field research, or an on-campus project within the major or across fields, as long as it is related to sustainability.
  • Internships at corporations or non-profit organizations.
  • Study abroad research projects
  • Volunteer work at a community organization that is expanded into a paper or research project during the Capstone seminar.

On-campus project in which an additional sustainability research or reflection component may be added to gain approval for the Minor.