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Ways to get involved with Sustainability at Emory

Office of Sustainability Initiative

The Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) was established in 2006 as a part of the Emory administration and has been working to make Emory a model of transformative practices and sustainable choices at every level.

Students looking to engage with sustainability on campus can apply to OSI's internship program, apply for small grants for sustainability research and projects, be trained as a peer-educator on the waste sorting system at Emory, meet local farmers and small business owners at the weekly campus farmers market, sign up for a tour of the award-winning WaterHub at Emory, and more.

Sign up for the weekly OSI newsletter to stay informed about campus and community sustainability news, events, and resources.

Office of Sustainability Initiatives
Emory Climate Organization - ECO

The Emory Climate Organization (ECO) is a student-led organization dedicated to increasing climate literacy and collaborating with others towards climate action, both at Emory University and abroad. We're committed to educating our communities on various aspects of climate change science, policy, advocacy, and action.

The Emory Climate Organization (ECO) is made up of a diverse, interdisciplinary group of students at Emory University. The organization was created by the founding ECO members, who met in a Coalition of the Liberal Arts (CoLA) course focused on understanding climate change.

Emory Climate Organization
Slow Food

Slow Food Emory is a local campus chapter of the international Slow Food Movement. Our main goal is to advocate "good, clean, and fair" food in a way that is adaptable and accessible to all Emory students.

Slow Food Emory strives to reconnect students to the soil, water, organisms, cultures, and traditions salient to the production of food and establish sustainable communal interactions. Slow Food Emory seeks to invigorate genuine interest in food policy and production, encourage student involvement with the local sustainable food community, and encourage an appreciation for the importance of food in our daily lives.

Slow Food Emory
Educational Garden Project

Providing food, habitat, and learning opportunities, a variety of gardens that serve multiple purposes can be found across Emory -- from hospitals to the Oxford campus.

All members of the Emory community are invited to volunteer in the Educational Gardens on campus to learn about and contribute to small-scale food production.

Educational Garden Project