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Emory Anthropology Student Society

The Anthropology club has been a part of Emory's Department of Anthropology for over 20 years, but, in the summer of 2015, a group of motivated Emory Anthropology students decided that it was time to re-envision the club. The result was a name change, to "Emory Anthropology Student Society," as well as a shift in focus. Now, all Emory students are encouraged to join, as the goal of the society is to host events and activities that cultivate a strong and dynamic sense of community in the university writ large, as well as a place where the department and the larger Emory undergraduate population can interface in a relaxed and not wholly academic sphere.

The club's goal is to provide Anthropology centric events that appeal to everyone, with the objective being to expose individuals who would otherwise have no, or minimal, experience with Anthropology as a discipline, area of potential academic interest, hobby, and/or way of thought. Additionally, and in accordance with Emory's continual shift towards interdisciplinary education, we strive to pull membership from all disciplines and pre-professional tracks.

2024-2025 EASS Executive Board

Sarah Jung, President
Joey Lin
, Treasurer
Mahliet Demissie, Programming Chair
Theodore Lin, Programming Chair
Rachel Alpert-Wisnea: PR Chair
Carol Zhou: Non-major/Interdisciplinary Rep
Ariana Lu: Underclassman Rep

Previous Executive Board Members

2022-2023 EASS Executive Board
Shreya Ramanathan, President
Avery Adelman, Vice-President
Sarah Jung, Treasurer
Margaret Rencher, Programming Chair
Hunter Akridge, Co-Editor in Chief, Anthropos
Danielle Mangabat, Co-Editor in Chief, Anthropos

2021-2022 EASS Executive Board
Priscilla Lin, President
Kayla Kim, Vice-President
Ishika Gupta, Treasurer
Elizabeth White, Underclassmen Representative
Chaelin Hong, PR Chair
Hunter Akridge, Co-Editor in Chief, Anthropos
Danielle Mangabat, Co-Editor in Chief, Anthropos
William Boose: Graduate Liaison

2020-2021 EASS Executive Board

Makda Mulugeta, President
Jackie Doctor, Vice-President
Jenna Hahn, Treasurer
Sarah Crowley, Secretary
Hunter Akridge, Co-Editor in Chief, Anthropos
Danielle Mangabat, Co-Editor in Chief, Anthropos
Kayla Kim, Underclassmen Representative
Priscilla Lin, PR Chair

2019-2020 EASS Executive Board
Emily Fan, President
Jinny Yoo, Vice-President
Jenna Hahn, Treasurer
Evan Amaral, Editor in Chief, Anthropos
Marine Bruno, Assistant Editor, Anthropos
Makda Mulugeta, VP of Membership
Jackie Doctor, VP of Marketing
Dylan Hurley, Lambda Alpha Honor Society Liaison
Elisabeth Crusey, Upperclassmen Representative
Lauren Oates, Sophomore Representative
2018-2019 EASS Executive Board
Dominique Marmeno, Co-president
Victoria Rice, Co-president
Emily Fan, Vice President
Annalys Hanson, VP of Membership
Saayli Kokitkar, VP of Marketing
Jenna Hahn, VP of Finance
Lauren Zimmerman, Sophomore Representative
Elisabeth Crusey, Upperclassman Representative
Abbe McCarter, Lamba Alpha Liaison
Evan Amaral, Editor in Chief, Anthropos
2017-2018 EASS Executive Board
Dominique Marmeno, Co-President
Victoria Rice, Co-President
Emily Fan, Co-Vice President
Evan Kiely, Co-Vice President, Treasurer
Mikko Biana, Freshman Representative
Amanda Song, Freshman Representative
2016-2017 EASS Executive Board
Rebecca Molinsky, President
Diana Cagliero, Executive Vice President
Jordyn Seidman, Vice President of Membership
Evan Kiely, Vice President of Finance
Dominique Marmeno, Vice President of Marketing
Victoria Rice, Sophomore Representative
Emily Fan, Freshman Representative
2015-2016 Founding Executive Board
Pratyusha Mutyala, President
Frances Fernando, Executive Vice President
Rebecca Molinsky, Vice President of Membership
Ricardo ("Ricky") Pascual, Vice President of Finance
Diana Cagliero, Vice President of Marketing
Katie Cooper, Editor in Chief, Anthropos