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Opportunities for Anthropology Students

There are plenty of ways for Anthropology students to get involved at Emory, and beyond! From research opportunities and student groups here on campus to internships and field schools outside of Emory (and around the world), we invite you to explore and find ways to connect your study in Anthropology to the world around you.

  • The Emory Anthropology Student Society is a student-led group for students interested in Anthropology. Visit their page to learn more about the club and how you can get involved!
  • The Lambda Alpha Honor Society is the national honor society for anthropology, for which Emory hosts a chapter. Visit this page to learn more about the honor society and membership requirements.
  • Visit the Honors in Anthropology page to learn more about our seniors' honors thesis program. This is a great opportunity for students interested in research to dive deeper into a research topic under the supervision of a faculty mentor.
  • Visit the Undergraduate Research page to learn more about how the Anthropology department supports undergraduate research, and for connections to broader Emory research programs.
  • Our Anthropology Internship Guide is designed for Anthropology students interested in seeking internships, either for the summer, during the academic year, or after graduation. While this list is not exhaustive and is not a job board, we hope that it will be a good jumping-off point for your internship search.
  • Our Field Schools and Graduate Programs page includes a compilation of field school and graduate school advertisements that have come across our desks here in the department.
  • Our Other Opportunities page includes a compilation of various types of opportunities that have come across our desk here in the department. This includes jobs and fellowships, conferences and opportunities to present your work/ideas, journals that publish undergraduate student writing, and more. Many of these operate on an annual cycle, so you can check out this page to be aware of what may be coming up throughout the year.

If you have any questions about this information or about the Anthropology program at Emory, please contact the Anthropology Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Heather Carpenter.