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Anthropology-Religion Joint Major (BA)

A joint major in anthropology and religion may be earned by completing a minimum of fourteen (14) courses, earning at least 44 credit hours. All courses that count toward the major must be taken for a letter grade. A minimum of a C average in the major is required.



Major Code: RELANTH
14 courses (minimum) / 44 hours to complete

Required Courses

Four (4) courses:

Anthropology 201 or 210
Anthropology 202
Religion 300
Religion 490

Elective Courses

Ten (10) courses from the two departments:

Five courses in Anthropology, not including 101

Five courses in Religion, two at the 300 level or above. One course must be selected from Religion 301-320 or another tradition-specific Religion course (with approval of advisor).


Joint majors should choose an advisor in each department. In Anthropology, students may choose any available faculty member as an advisor and are required to consult with their advisors at least once a semester to make plans regarding their academic program.