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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I declare a Major/Minor in Anthropology?

    Complete the Declaration of Major form on the Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) website. You will then receive a welcome email instructing you to set up a meeting with the Anthropology Undergraduate Program Coordinator to complete the declaration process.  At that meeting, you will review major/minor requirements, select a faculty advisor (for majors), and have the opportunity to ask questions.  You will receive a tracking sheet for your major/minor, which you are encouraged to keep up to date in consultation with your advisor.

  • What second majors or minors do Anthropology students pursue?

    Several programs and departments offer majors and minors in fields which complement the anthropology major. For example, anthropology majors often choose to double major or minor in African Studies, Women's Studies, Human Health, Biology, Psychology, Linguistics, Religion etc. Students should check with those departments to complete any required steps for declaration.

  • What kinds of careers do anthropology majors pursue?

    To learn more about career paths for anthropology majors and to hear from our alumni, visit our Careers in Anthropology webpage!

  • How do I get approval for Transfer Credit?

    In cases of transfer credit from other universities, the department recognizes courses included by the Registrar's Office on a student's transcript. There is no petition process for credits not included by the Registrar.

  • How do I request course substitutions or other department requirement waivers?

    To petition for waivers of department requirements, or for a non-ANT course to count toward the major/minor, students should complete the Petition for Clarification and Exceptions for Anthropology Majors form and return it to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the Anthropology Department Office, either by email or hard copy. Requests will be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  Please allow 5 business days for requests to be reviewed.

    For course substitutions, your petition should make a strong case for the anthropological content of the course.  Note that many courses discuss topics that are of interest to anthropologists, but they do not always discuss these topics from an anthropological perspective.  Topical overlap alone does not constitute evidence of anthropological content.  Further instructions and examples are provided on the petition form. 

  • How do I get permission to overload an Anthropology class?

    Please contact the instructor of the course. Have the instructor give you written approval via email. You then forward the email with the instructor's permission to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Please include your student ID# with your request.

  • How do I register for a Permission Only Course?

    Please follow any instructions in the Course Atlas description for the course. If there are no specific instructions, contact the course instructor and have the instructor give you written approval via email. You then forward the email with the instructor's permission to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Please include your student ID# with your request.

  • If a course is cross-listed (i.e. ANT 231) but I enrolled in the other section of it (i.e. HLTH 231), will it count for my Anthropology major or minor?

    Yes. Many courses are cross-listed between departments. You may enroll through either section and still receive major/minor credit for the course. Please double check your Degree Tracker to ensure these courses show up correctly, and contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator if you notice any errors. Note that only the section for which you are registered will appear on your transcript.

  • Can I double-count cross-listed courses with my other major or minor?

    Yes, the Anthropology department allows up to 2 courses to double-count between our major/minor and other programs. (The BIOL/CHEM/QTM courses required for the BS do not count toward this limit.) Be sure to confirm this limit with your other program, as this rule can vary between departments. Keep track of these courses, and notify the Undergraduate Program Coordinator if any changes are needed to your degree tracker.

  • How do I make study abroad part of my Anthropology major/minor?

    Your first step should be a visit to the Emory College Study Abroad office (Candler Library, Suite 200) to find out what programs are available. Once you have identified programs that interest you, we urge you to discuss them with your advisor.

    To assure the acceptability of credit, such programs must receive prior departmental approval. Please contact the Emory College Study Abroad office about deadlines for obtaining course equivalencies prior to study abroad and allow plenty of time for processing.