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Undergraduate Research

Anthropology students are encouraged to get involved in research, preferably early in their Emory careers. Emory's Anthropology Department features a wide range of faculty research interests and several research facilities. Students should contact faculty of interest directly to inquire about available research opportunities.

For information about other research opportunities available to Emory students, please visit the Emory Undergraduate Research Programs site.

Research for Academic Credit

Students may participate in research for credit by enrolling in ANT 497 Directed Research. Variable credit is offered (one to four credits) and up to 8 hours (2 courses) of Directed Research, Readings, or Honors combined may be applied toward the major. Students are responsible for approaching faculty about individual-directed research. Students work with their faculty mentor to create a topic and evaluation criteria and then submit a Directed Study Form to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator in Anthropology 207 for enrollment.

Honors Research in Anthropology

Students may also be invited to participate in the Anthropology Department Honors Program. In order to qualify, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7 and a minimum Anthropology GPA of 3.7. Eligible majors are invited to apply to the honors program during the second semester of their junior year. The honors program in Anthropology gives students the opportunity to work closely with a faculty advisor and consult with a committee of additional faculty members to research, write, and defend a senior honors thesis. Students interested in the honors programs are advised to keep their GPA high throughout their college career and start thinking about their honors project topic before their senior year. ANT 397 Directed Readings and ANT 497 Directed Research allow students the opportunity to start developing a possible project topic with their faculty advisor in advance of their acceptance into the honors program.  To learn more, visit our Honors in Anthropology webpage.

Undergraduate Research Programs

Undergraduate Research Programs at Emory College offers individual research grants, faculty-student research partnerships, summer research stipends, and funding for conference presentations to undergraduate students in all disciplines. Participants also take part in an undergraduate research symposium at the close of their grant period. Further information on research opportunities and the application process can be found through the Emory College Undergraduate Research Programs website.

Summer Research Opportunities

A range of summer research opportunities or field schools may also be available to Anthropology undergraduates. The Emory Undergraduate Research Programs office coordinates the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program. The National Science Foundation offers the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program. There are also many field schools available for Anthropology students, and we have created a web page for Field School Opportunities and Graduate Programs which have been advertised to our students.  Faculty advisors may be able to suggest further external sources of funding in the discipline.

Research Funding

While many projects are either low cost or carried out through a faculty member's funded research program, Emory does have options for students seeking independent funding for research:


Students are encouraged to speak with their faculty advisors and research supervisors about participating in professional academic conferences.  In many cases, funding is available to support student conference participation (see section above).

See the list below for some suggestions that have been submitted by faculty and past students, though your advisor may be able to recommend others relevant to your specific field of research (and then please share them with us!):


Undergraduates interested in publishing their research might consider the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal. For more information, contact

Another option is Anthropos, an undergraduate Anthropology e-publication run by Emory Anthropology students. For more information, contact

Undergraduates have also co-authored papers with faculty members in disciplinary journals.