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Sana Malik NoonCohort 2018


  • MA, Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2008
  • BA, Social Sciences, Lahore University of Management Sciences, 2007


I am interested in the anthropology of rights, gender, culture and religion, and conceptions of rights in ‘Islamic societies’. More specifically, I intend to study the influence of culture and religion on rights narratives employed by the women’s rights movement in Pakistan, since the 1980s till date. I hope to use my research to contemplate “how much and what kinds of Islam are compatible with (or necessary for)” development of rights in the Muslim world, and how current rights movements in Pakistan are grappling with this question.
Current urban-based organizations in Punjab-led by working class professionals and students – are seeking to advance women’s visibility in the public sphere using unconventional means. Relying on social media and the arts, these initiatives intend to reclaim public spaces traditionally reserved for men - such as local cinemas, roadside cafes, public transportation and more recently, the internet.
While exploring factors influencing the trajectory of the women’s movement - and its initiatives aimed at addressing religion, culture, and class politics - I hope to investigate new challenges and opportunities faced by women’s rights organizations despite greater access to digital technology, media and public spaces.
Advisor: Dr. Peletz