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Himani RathoreCohort 2023


  • MA, Anthropology, University of Delhi
  • BA, Anthropology, University of Delhi


I completed my Bachelor's and Master's degree in anthropology at the University of Delhi before joining the cultural anthropology PhD at Emory University.  

My broad interests tie together environmental change with a focus on land and water transformation, agrarian livelihoods, and migratory labor and how all of these are reconfigured by displacement in rural areas along the Indian subcontinent's coastline. My research takes me back home to India, specifically to the eastern coast along the Bay of Bengal. I imagine my field site to be the villages displaced by sea intrusion, in order to understand agrarian land transformation and to reassess the relationship of work and mobility in the developing world. I am also interested in developmental projects, migration, and social identity markers around which environmental change's impacts cluster. 

I am currently pursuing my theoretical interests in anthropology of the Anthropocene, world ecology approaches, water and land relations, work, migration, and feminist and queer ethnographic work in environmental change.

Advisor: Dr. Phillips