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Race, Difference, and Inequality

Faculty in this specialization explore Race, Difference, and Social Inequality from sociocultural and biological perspectives.  Critical understandings of race and difference — from both cultural and biological perspectives — have been important to anthropology from virtually its origin as an academic and professional field.  They continue to be vital today.

Research foci address a wide range of issues in this regard, including issues of power, representation, population genetics, the political economy of racism, diaspora, racial justice, genomics, indigeneity, ally-ship, educational inequality, social movements, embodiment, and engaged & public anthropology.  Faculty in our department do research and train students in a variety of approaches, including ethnography, digital and deep mapping, visual anthropology, ethnographic theater, and epidemiology.

Sa'ed Atshan Headshot
Sa'ed Atshan
Associate Professor
Anthropology 218A
Bayo Holsey Headshot
Bayo Holsey
Associate Professor
Anthropology 211
Justin Hosbey Headshot
Justin Hosbey
Assistant Professor
218B Anthropology
Bruce Knauft Headshot
Bruce Knauft
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
213 Anthropology
John Lindo Headshot
John Lindo
Assistant Professor
218C Anthropology
Peter Little Headshot
Peter Little
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
219 Anthropology
Michael G. Peletz Headshot
Michael G. Peletz
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
220 Anthropology
Debra Spitulnik Vidali Headshot
Debra Spitulnik Vidali
Director of Undergraduate Research and Associate Professor
209 Anthropology